“In the scope of eternity,” Lady said, “’Forever’ is a moot point.”

For two villainous nobles, it is a desperate means to an end. For two clever demons...it is one hell of a tax break. 

Henry and James have accidentally staked claim on the same soul. Elliot Dosett, the bitter and sickly son of a successful steel magnate – summoned a demon in hopes of solving his trouble with his father and inheriting the estate. Violet Clifton, his aunt, also summoned a demon in order to rid herself of a useless husband and take over the business he leaves behind. In order to delay her own death, she also signs away Elliot’s soul. And so the paperwork begins to fly.

A demon smiled down at her, barely visible in the darkness – an imposing silhouette against the bed’s ornate canopy. His glittering white smile, of course, could not be missed. Nor could his searing orange eyes, broken up by spots of clear, intense blue. The bits of blue were enough to tell her that his demon form had not taken his human one over completely, not yet. But he was hungry. He had come to collect his due.

Lady is a fallen angel. He is also one of Hell’s top auditors. He is sent to monitor the activity of Henry and James. Once he finds out which demon is trying to cheat Hell, his job is to send them back in chains.

The most frequented office in Hell was 87% smog, 13% breathable atmosphere, and smelled most often of stale mints from the bottom of an old woman’s purse. It was primarily because Satan smoked a lot of menthols.

Henry will do anything to avoid being reported, dragging James and Lady down the path of a capricious scheme. Yet Satan is hot on their heels and will stop at nothing to hunt them all down; even if that means interrupting God’s latest round of golf.