"You know I would love to break your skull apart." The elder demon teased. "If I ripped it off your neck and shook it up, I wonder what coquettish thoughts I could lick up from the fragments."

Henry and James can't catch a break...but Hell is catching up to them.

On the run from what they fear is their worst nightmare, they may have fallen out of the fat and into the fire when they encounter a rogue demon. 

“Was his heart still beating?” Jean-François asked a little more brazenly.

Charlie grinned. “It was when I left it on the floor.”

Charlie Banks is charismatic, charming, and vicious as they come. Also a fugitive of Hell's justice, he offers Henry and James shelter when they need it the most. But can he be trusted? 

“You don’t trust him, and he doesn’t like you. What is a poor boy to do?” Henry settled down in his own chair, leaning back and stretching his legs out in front of him underneath the table. “I feel like the protagonist of a romantic novel.”

A strange letter from Heaven delivers startling news. Lady might have an opportunity to dust off his old desk behind the pearly gates. But does he want such a chance...and what are the consequences of turning it down?

“It’s been five hundred years. And Heaven wants to wipe all of that from the record, apparently.”...“If the Almighty gives approval – and I don’t know why he would – I’m done for…I am absolutely done for, Francis, and so are you.”

There is blood in the streets and on the cupcakes. Nothing is certain in this city where terror reigns.