Updates! 5-30-2017

"Swallow You Whole" in the store!

Now Swallow You Whole is officially for sale on the website store, both in paperback and hardcover! Sever Your Spine is down there too! 

SUMMER GIVEAWAY! July 15th 2017

This July is my birthday month, which means I want to do something for you! I'm going to be hosting a giveaway (on my Facebook page and my Instagram , follow those for the fastest updates!). It is going to include signed copies of Swallow You Whole and Sever Your Spine, as well as some art bookmarks and an original print! I'm only doing one box this summer and if things go well, I'll plan another around Christmas - which will hopefully have Purify Your Blood! But let's not get ahead of ourselves! 

An update on King's Claws and the expansive Draonir universe is coming soon. Be sure to follow Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss out!