I could blame work, I will blame Lady instead (08-04-17)

I know ya'll aren't here to listen to me bitch about how hard writing is. 

I mean, it isn't hard. But I've hit that point in Purify Your Blood where everything gets sloggy in the middle if you don't handle it right. I had that with Sever Your Spine from about chapter four up until...the end. But I can already tell Purify Your Blood will be the longest of the three. My goals are higher for this addition to the series, and maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself. 

I'm trying not to include too much, but at this point the characters have split so far off from each other that I'm keeping tabs on like, four concurrent plotlines. 

On top of that, my outside job is just doing its best to keep me busy. It's hard to daydream your way through a plot knot or make notes for cool lines that pop into your head when you are not encouraged to stand still. I get it, but it's also very frustrating. 

The important thing will be getting the book FINISHED. Leave me some love, tell me I can do it. 

In other news! I took my first shot of Testosterone after a six+ month hiatus and I'm pretty excited to be back on. Maybe that will give me more energy. Maybe the rush of hormones will lead to steamier scenes. Who knows! 

Side note: you can blame the lack of steam on the resident asexuals (Lady, Charlie, James) who discourage it so heavily that everyone else is afraid to fondle each other lest they be caught and scolded mightily. 

That is the life we live in this house. Just Lady shaking their head and hurling folders at people who hold eye contact for too long. 

You wonder why I don't get things done.